Pools and other Water Containers

For the house to feel harmonious, Pools, Jacuzzis, Ponds, Fountains, Wells and Tanks must have Harmonization Elements sized according to the water volume.

Ideally, Large Volumes of Water should only be on:
• East and SouthEast (Northern Hemisphere) or
• East and NorthEast (Southern Hemisphere)
since they are disharmonious on other directions.


🌱 Experimentation, Pioneering, Quickness Activity, Peak Youngster, Peak Spring Sun-given Atmosphere

SouthEast (Northern Hemisphere)

NorthEast (Southern Hemisphere)

🌴 Creativity, Exploration, Communication Activity, Late Youngster, Late Spring Sun-given Atmosphere

South (Northern Hemisphere)

North (Southern Hemisphere)

🔥 Spontaneity, Enthusiasm, Socialization, Peak Adult, Peak Summer Sun-given Atmosphere

Add Activity elements.

SouthWest (Northern Hemisphere)

NorthWest (Southern Hemisphere)

🟫 Sweetness, Practicality, Altruism Comfort, Late Adult – Early Senior, Late Summer – Early Autumn Sun-given Atmosphere

Add Organization elements.


🟠 Charm, Playfulness, Glamour Organization, Peak Senior, Peak Autumn Sun-given Atmosphere

Add Organization elements.

NorthWest (Northern Hemisphere)

SouthWest (Southern Hemisphere)

⚪️ Orientation, Organization, Decision Organization, Late Senior – Early Baby, Late Autumn – Early Winter Sun-given Atmosphere

Add Organization elements.

North (Northern Hemisphere)

South (Southern Hemisphere)

💧 Tranquility, Flexibility, Depth, Peak Baby, Peak Winter Sun-given Atmosphere

Add Activity elements
like plants, green, vertical lines to stop an Excessive Tranquility atmosphere from overtaking the House/Space.

NorthEast (Northern Hemisphere)

SouthEast (Southern Hemisphere)

⬜️ Determination, Study, Challenge Comfort, Late Baby – Early Youngster, Late Winter – Early Spring Sun-given Atmosphere

Add Organization elements.


🟨 Versatily, Power Comfort, Every Age, Whole Year and Transitions between Seasons Sun-given Atmosphere

Add Organization elements.