Is most comfortable if Pleasurable, Organized and Firm — check Organization Charm atmosphere’s influencers.


🌱 Experimentation, Pioneering, Quickness Activity, Peak Youngster, Peak Spring Sun-given Atmosphere

Add Tranquility elements.

SouthEast (Northern Hemisphere)

NorthEast (Southern Hemisphere)

🌴 Creativity, Exploration, Communication Activity, Late Youngster, Late Spring Atmosphere

Add Tranquility elements.

South (Northern Hemisphere)

North (Southern Hemisphere)

🔥 Spontaneity, Enthusiasm, Socialization, Peak Adult, Peak Summer Atmosphere

Add Comfort and Organization elements.

SouthWest (Northern Hemisphere)

NorthWest (Southern Hemisphere)

🟫 Sweetness, Practicality, Altruism Comfort, Late Adult – Early Senior, Late Summer – Early Autumn Atmosphere

Add Organization elements.


🟠 Charm, Playfulness, Glamour Organization, Peak Senior, Peak Autumn Atmosphere

NorthWest (Northern Hemisphere)

SouthWest (Southern Hemisphere)

⚪️ Orientation, Organization, Decision Organization, Late Senior – Early Baby, Late Autumn – Early Winter Atmosphere

North (Northern Hemisphere)

South (Southern Hemisphere)

💧 Tranquility, Flexibility, Depth, Peak Baby, Peak Winter Sun-given Atmosphere

NorthEast (Northern Hemisphere)

SouthEast (Southern Hemisphere)

⬜️ Determination, Study, Challenge Comfort, Late Baby – Early Youngster, Late Winter – Early Spring Atmosphere

Add Organization elements.


🟨 Versatily, Power Comfort, Every Age, Whole Year and Transitions between Seasons Atmosphere

Add Organization elements.