Using Feng Shui’s Compass School

Sun Influence

As the Sun passes along the sky it sends light to everywhere it reaches.

In Some places, light reaches more directly, others more indirectly.

In Some Places the Sun leaves its light in the morning, others around noon, others later in the day.

Felt Harmony

For the Whole house/space to be Harmonious, some elements need to be harmonized with the inherent sun-given room’s atmosphere, like the water from bathrooms, the kitchen sink, dishwasher, washing machine, and others like an aquarium or swimming pool, the fire from the stove, oven and other like a fireplace, the ascending of descending movement of the stairs activity.

Plus, for Rooms to be Comfortable for their purpose, some of them need a decoration that harmonizes its function with the inherent sun-given room’s atmosphere.

Example Images, Sun Influence and Harmonization tips